Kick-off meeting of BioLearn project

The initiative is funded under the European Union’s Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020.

Project Eco-Conscious Minds to Stop Pollution in the Valuable Wetlands of Black Sea Basin BioLearn BSB142 is aimed at limiting wetland pollution through educational, information and training activities. The focus is on key wetlands along the coast of Turkey, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine and last but not least Bulgaria. Located on migratory routes or wintering sites of rare and protected waterfowl, these water bodies are key to bird conservation. At the same time, these sites are often threatened by human-caused pollution of various types. In this regard, governmental and non-governmental organizations from the countries listed above are working together to tackle this major problem, which requires a sustained and coordinated effort.

The project’s target areas are Gala Lake National Park in Turkey, Evros Delta National Park (Maritza) in Greece, Pomorie Lake in Bulgaria, Danube and Dniester Delta in Ukraine and wetlands of Kolkheti and Tbilisi in Georgia.

From 19 to 21 February 2020 in the Turkish town of Enez was held the kick-off meeting of the project. Besides the partners involved in the implementation of the activities the meeting was also attended by Mr. Ozkan Gunenc, Mayor of Enez, as well as representatives of local media.

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