Stakeholder Meeting on “Determination of Pollution Types and situation in Gala Lake’ meeting  was held on July 23, 2020, at 10:00, at the Enez Recreational Facility of Istanbul University in Edirne’s Enez district center, in cooperation of Edirne Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest and  Enez District Governorate. The meeting was realized within the scope of the project ‘BioLearn’, BSB142 which is being implemented under the first Call for proposals of ENI Black Sea Basin Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 managed by the Turkish national authority – Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation Directorate of European Union Department, Turkey.
The number of participants:50 people Before the meeting, a field research was carried out on 22 July 2020 by the project coordinator and Chiefdom of Keşan Gala Lake National Parks for the determination of the pollution amounts, type, and pollution resources around Gala Lake. In the field study, butts and plastic wastes, food packaging wastes, animal feces, broken bottle pieces and wet wipes wastes were determined. The meeting was started by the opening speech by the Enez District Governor Elif Canan Tuncer. Information about the general activities of the project was provided by the Enez District Governor. General information regarding Gala Lake was given by Ömer Furtun, Deputy Regional Director of 1st Regional Directorate, and also Mr Furtun informed about the activities to be carried out by Branch Directorate of Edirne Nature Preservation and National Parks under the context of BioLearn Project. Phase 1st of the meeting continued with the presentations of the academicians of Trakya University  and the experts of Kırklareli Atatürk Soil, Water and Agricultural Meteorology Research Institute who have been working in the region for many years, after the speeches made by Enez District Governor, and by the Deputy Regional Director of the 1st Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks:
  • Dr. Belgin Elipek, Faculty Member from Trakya University Department of Biology; Environmental Factors Affecting Gala Lake and the Gala Lake
  • Mustafa Kaya, Faculty Member of Trakya University Department of Biology; The Evros Delta and Importance of the Delta in regard of Birds
  • Beytullah Özkan, Faculty Member of Trakya University Department of Biology; Gala Lake Mammals
  • Prof. Burak Öterler, Faculty Member of Trakya University Department of Biology; The role of Plankton and benthose in Gala Lake Ecosystem
  • Mehmet Ali Gürbüz from Kırklareli Atatürk Soil, Water and Agricultural Meteorological Research Institute; made presentations about Gala Lake Water Quality and Properties of the Soils in the Environment.
  In the second part of the meeting, a discussion was formed, and the stakeholders were given the right to speak. Solution suggestions were improved with stakeholders about Gala Lake Pollution Types and Determine of situation. A report that is called “Analyzing Current Situation About The Distribution Quantities And Types Of Litter In Gala Lake-Turkey” will be prepared with the data obtained from the field research, survey results and stakeholder meeting. 100 copies of the report will be printed.
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