Workshop “Pollution of Pomorie Lake with litter”

On June 30, in Community Centre “Svetlina-1939”, Pomorie, a meeting with local stakeholders on subject “Pollution of Pomorie Lake with litter” was held, organized in the framework of the project “Environmental awareness and behavior to stop pollution in significant wetlands of the Black Sea Basin (BioLEARN)”, funded by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Program 2014-2020 (ENI CBC Joint Operational Program BLACK SEA BASIN 2014-2020).
Despite the epidemiological situation, there was a strong interest in the meeting, which was attended by experts from various fields related to environmental and waste management and protection, maritime transport, fisheries, science, NGOs and environmental organizations, citizens, students and others. The presentations presented by the participants acquainted the audience with the importance of wetlands and in particular Pomorie Lake, the extent of the problem with marine litter and mapped unregulated landfills in the lagoon, the impact of sea currents on marine litter disposal along the coast, pilot study and first results on the content of microplastics in the waters of Pomorie Lake, as well as activities and goals of other projects on the same topic. The main goal of the meeting is to acquaint and involve stakeholders and citizens in the search for a solution to the problem of waste pollution in important wetlands such as Pomorie Lake. Similar meetings are forthcoming in the other countries, partners in the project – Ukraine, Georgia, Greece and Turkey. One of the outcomes of these events will be an environmental education guide to prevent pollution of important wetlands in the Black Sea basin. The joint efforts will ensure that common measures are taken to increase knowledge about the importance of wetlands and the risk that waste pollution poses to them and the ecosystem services they provide to the population. In connection with the announced emergency epidemic situation during the event, all measures and prescriptions of the Ministry of Health and the National Operational Headquarters were observed.
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