Marine litter in the Evros Delta

In the context of the program “Eco-Conscious Minds to Stop Pollution in the Valuable Wetlands of Black Sea Basin” – BIOLEARN implemented by the Management Body of the Evros Delta and Samothraki Protected Areas, and in collaboration with the environmental organization iSea, interviews were carried out to investigate the current situation regarding water waste in the wetlands of the area based on the opinion and experience of the local community.

Fifty questionnaires were filled in by individuals and ten by associations and organizations operating in the wider area of Evros Delta in order to understand the status, amount and types of waste most commonly found in the wetland, and their behavior in this aquatic environment.

In addition, water and sediment samples were collected from various areas of the wetland to screen for the presence of any microplastic particles, while detailed recording and separation of waste on various surfaces of one hundred meters long were also performed.

This information and data will also be used to create a best practice manual aiming in reducing the amount of river based and marine litter.

Posted in Georgia.