An interactive exposition presents the litter pollution problem of the Black Sea

The dumped litter by the man and the fallen one into the rivers and seas represents not only an aesthetic eyesore landscape problem. They are a basic threat for the planet’s biodiversity and human health’s risk, too. A threat that unfortunately endangers our Black Sea too, as well as people’s lives and actions, related to it. The closed basin of Black Sea basin makes it extremely vulnerable to any type of pollution, putting at risk its inhabitants. The litter that the sea washes out along the beaches, as well as finding to litter islands, floating on the surfaceshows the importance of the problem. The main goal of the project BioLearn is to provide an exchange of information and experience between the partners; trainings, capacities buildinga development of general approach and methodology for environment educationorganizing campaigns to raise awareness in the society aiming to reduce the pollution of key wetlands in the Black Sea. The chairperson of the Environment Committee from the Fortyfourth Parliament and a Former Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, Mrs Ivelina Vasileva was among the first visitors of the educational expositionarranged in the Naturescience exhibition of the Regional Historical Museum in Burgas. The exposition consists of informational interactive kiosk and a couple of real-sized models of Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis), presenting rich information about the Black Sea and its inhabitants but also for the litter pollution problem global. The visitors would get acquainted with the dolphin species that one can see in the Black Sea, the sounds they make but also with the alarming information the pollution of the wetlands and more precisely at Pomorie LakeThe surveys completed in 2020 in this wetland confirm the general tendency that the biggest share of the litter is artificial polymer materials. The installation is part of a project BSB142 BioLearn „Environmental awareness and behavior to stop pollution in significant wetlands of the Black Sea basin”, funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme under the European Neighbourhood Instrument “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020” and it is implemented by Green Balkans-Stara Zagora NGOs. It can be seen in the premises of the Nature-science exposition at the address: 30,”K. Fotinov” Str. by the end of the summer.
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