Capacity buildings training of the BSB 142 Biolearn Project completed in May

The trainers’ training session completed in the week 03-07 May. 14 trainees participated the trainings. While 11 trainees from 6 partners participated on line other 3 partners physically joined the event. The purpose of this training was to introduce the training contents prepared under 12 different titles within the scope of the Bio-Learn project to the project partners and to show how to apply them. Duration of the training was 30 hours within 5 days. During the training period, the participants built their capacities about the training booklets and e-learning contents.

The BioLearn project seeks to raise societal awareness of both the problems and the potential solutions relating to a key issue threatening marine and wetland habitats worldwide: the accumulation of marine litter. A major objective of the project is to understand and subsequently facilitate societal engagement in order to inspire changes in attitudes and behaviour. The trainings was one of the pillars of the “Learning Approach” with the aim of providing a series of mechanisms to engage key stakeholders with an interest in, or responsibility for, some aspect of reducing the quantity of wetland litter entering in the sea. After this capacity building event, each partner will be ready to apply the received knowledge and practices for training on marine litter issues in its activity centre.

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