CLEAN WATER – CLEAN BLACK SEA BASIN DAY was held in cooperation with Enez District Governorate and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1st Regional Directorate Edirne Nature Conservation and National Parks Division Directorate!

‘Clean Waters – Clean Black Sea Basin’ Environmental Event was held on 17 June with a wide participation in order to inform the younger generation about the importance of wetlands in Edirne’s Enez district and to protect them from pollutants and to create conscious minds about nature.

On the day of the event, before the cleaning of the wetland areas, the “I Become an Environmental Volunteer” activity was held for children.

In order to gain awareness of children about the environment: video presentations on environmental protection, the introduction of the e-learning platform and information on the importance of Gala Lake and wetlands, a painting and recycling workshop, face painting activities were organized and at the end Environmental Volunteer badges were distributed to children.

Durign the event, brief information about the project was given by the project coordinator of PP2, the director of the Nature Conservation and National Parks Edirne Division Directorate made informaitve speech on the actişvities of PP2 and the Deputy Director of 1st Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and Nature Parks Direcorate made speech on the environmental awareness and final speech was made by the Governor of Enez district.

The ‘Sing for nature’ music event was made after speeches and danced with the children.

After the opening activities of the event the children and nature volunteers moved to the wetlands to realized cleaning activities.

Great interest was shown to the event and participation was provided from Istanbul, Edirne, Uzunkopru, Kesan and near vilages of Enez.

More than 350 environmental volunteers participated in the event and cleaning activities.

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