Official Opening of the Open Air Class held in Gala Lake Nature park under the coordination of the Directorate of Edirne Nature Protection and Nature Parks

Within the scope of the project, the official opening of the Open Air Classroom, which was completed within the borders of Gala Lake National Park, was held on August 5, 2021 with a wide participation.

A gift ceremony was also held for the winners of the painting competition with the theme “I protect my biodiversity from pollutants”, which was started by the institution in May 2021. Within the scope of the painting competition, gifts were presented to the children who drew the best 15 pictures out of a total of 53 drawings.

At the opening, the priorities of the ENI Black Sea Basin CBC Programme, the purpose and activities of the Biolearn project were explained by the project team, while the importance of nature and threats due to climate change were explained and emphasized in the speeches of the Enez District Governor Mr. Şükrü Alperen GÖKTAŞ, Nature Conservation and National Parks Istanbul 1st Regional Dep. Director Mr. Erdal Ceyhan and Edirne Branch Director Mr. Kerim YAPÇA.

The Open Air Class that has been built will be a part of the network of Stop Pollution and Protect Nature centers to be created within the framework of the project.

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