Eco-Conscious Minds to Stop Pollution in the Valuable Wetlands of Black Sea Basin

Biolearn project stresses the main pollution problems threating very important biodiversity sites of the BSB, namely its wetlands.

The project partnership is established by 6 partners – public institutions, environmental NGOs and national park bodies from 5 different countries, responsible for management, promotion and protection of the valuable nature of the Black Sea Basin. They joint their efforts, combine resources and knowledge for realization of common activities aiming attracting the attention of the local communities and the visitors / tourists to the negative results that their unconscious daily activities have to the local eco-system relating to the pollution of the waters trough using of illegal dumping areas placed in watercourses, abandonment of old torn nets in watersheds, reckless use of plastic bags or unregulated disposing of agricultural, chemical and fishing equipment to the territory of these very important wetlands.

In the frame of 26 months the project partners will realize together the symmetrical activities relating to the achievement of the main objective: Establishment sustainable links and improvement of co – operation between regional and subnational partners with aim jointly coordination of environmental protection, increasing local awareness and reduction of the pollutions in important wetlands of BSB. Through implementation of the following activities the partners will ensure achievement of the above mentioned aim for coordination activities and reduction of the pollution in very important targeted BSB’s wetlands:

– Exchange of knowledge and experience and capacity building activities between project partners and interested institutions. Investment activities relating with establishment of a Network from “Stop Litter” and “Save Nature” activity centers working under the common environmental – educational approach and methodology.
– Realization of public awareness activities and educational programs for local target groups that will make them more sensitive about the pollution and the threats that they creates for the local eco-system with their environmental careless activities.
– Realization of clean-up activities for decreasing the local pollution in the targeted areas.

10 activity centers – one mobile will take part in the Network and will be the pillars of the established transboundary integrated public awareness system for promotion of the issues relating with river borne and marine litter in BSB. BioLearn integrates the main valuable wetlands and biospheres of the BSB as Danube Biosphere Reserve, Black Sea Biosphere Reserve in UKR, Pomorie Wetland Complex- BG, the Delta of Merich/ Evros River with its both Greek and Turkish sides and Wetlands of Central Kolkheti and protected area in Tbilisi/Georgia. BioLearn will provide and evaluate mechanisms to enable society to perceive the impact of litter on the marine environment and will provide solutions that impact.